Review Endura MT500 Spray Baggy Short [EN]

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Splash proof short for mountainbikers

Scotland based Endura originated because of the lack of supply of cycling apparel, according to the founder. Because his apparel got stolen during a triathlon event, he was forced to seek replacement. The lack of supply led to disappointment and the foundation of his own cycling apparel company. We got the opportunity to test one of the first designs, a short of the MT500 series.


Although we have selected the MT500 Spray Baggy Short, the similarity with baggy trousers does not hold up. The short is not as tight as a bibshort of course, but the fit is surprisingly tight. The crotch is high, so you don’t have to keep the short in mind while getting on the saddle. The photo above depicts the Velcro fastener as well, which can tighten the pant legs as one wishes to.


The material that is used for the crotch area is Cordura. The crotch is wear resistant because of this fabric and it will keep splashing water from entering the saddle area. Neat for the rainy seasons!


The belt is not completely circumfering, but is attached to the short near the hips. The short stretches at the rear part of the waistband. With this construction, the belt can be tightened, but also gives a bit of way, like regular shorts. The buckle is made from plastic, note that this is only 5mm thick, ensuring a comfortable ride.


The shorts are compatible with all ‘Clickfast’ inner shorts of Endura. They are attached to each other with twelve press studs. The plastic press studs are placed in groups of three distributed along the waist line, making sure that the short remains in place during the ride.


The pockets can be closed with zippers. These are hidden beneath a bit of fabric to prevent dust en dirt from entering the zippers, so your tooth brush is not needed to liberate your cell phone. The pockets are stitched twice to increase the durability.

The zippers on the pant legs are not for pockets, but they open up the pant legs for ventilation holes with mesh fabric for the hot summer days. Neat!

The suggested retail price of the Endura MT500 Spray Baggy Short is € 94.99. Please visit the website of Endura for more information.

Text: Laurens van Raay
Photography: Stephan van Raay

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