Review B’TWIN 300 Handlebar bag (100)

Review B’TWIN 300 Handlebar bag (100)

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There was a time where handlebar bags weren’t cool. But like Bob Dylan says: the times are a-changing. With the increased popularity of long-distance cycling (and with that bikepacking), the handlebar bag isn’t just something for old folks anymore.

On long day rides I like to bring my own food instead of buying something extra at a gas station or a bakery. Besides the aesthetic point (looking like a mule..), it’s also not very practical. Sometimes my rear pockets where so stuffed, I couldn’t fit my camera in one of them anymore. I figured that on those rides a handlebar bag would come in handy. So I picked up a small bag at my local Decathlon store and putted it to the test.

The bag

The B’TWIN 300 (100 in the UK) is a small 2,5L handlebar bag made of polythene and polyester. It has a large opening on top for easy access. Inside the bag is a strap to secure keys, but it doesn’t future different compartments. The B’TWIN bag is “Vioo Clip”-ready, which means as much as you can easily fit B’TWIN’s Vioo Clip LED light onto it in a flash. Other lights may fit too.


Putting it to the test

Mounting the bag onto my handlebar was very easy. B’TWIN uses two rip-tabs on the 300, so you can easily attach it without any tools to different types and sizes of handlebars. The first thing I noticed when I attached the bag to the handlebar is the stitching on one of the rip-tabs looks a little loose. Thankfully it didn’t turned out to be a problem while riding.

Packing the 300 is easy thanks to the large opening on top. There is plenty of room for all my food, a camera and a mini pump. Although the 300 can stand a little rain, it isn’t waterproof. So if you’re expecting rain make sure to pack your electronics or food in a waterproof bag or use a rain cover.

While riding the bag isn’t very stable. Although I secured it tight, the bag bounced a bit while I was climbing or rode over potholes. It also hangs a bit down, so I’m not sure if mounting a light on the front would make you more visible in the dark.


The verdict

The B’TWIN 300 is a handlebar bag at the bottom of the market. The materials used aren’t fancy, isn’t waterproof (although it will stand a little bit of rain) and the rib-tabs aren’t very durable. Apart from that, for €12,99 you’ll get a bag with plenty of room for your food, a camera or other (light) stuff you like to bring on a bike ride.

It definitely isn’t a bag I would use on multiday ride or for daily commuting. But if you’re looking for a handlebar bar for occasional use or just want to try it out (like me), the B’TWIN 300 might be the bag for you.


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