#NewKitYear at stolen goat

#NewKitYear at stolen goat

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Our friends at stolen goat updated their cycling clothing line for 2017. All garments now file under the Core range or the Limited Edition range.

Core, not basic

As you might know Brexit is hitting businesses pretty hard in the UK, the smaller ones in particular. The costs for importing rose instantly. Stolen goat were not an exception and decided to take a good look at the overall costs. Instead of stripping features or opting for different materials, they went for a cut in design costs for their Core range.

Although the design is pretty basic, these jerseys are still high tech Bioracer wear, one of the leading brands in the cycling industry. The Core range now also includes the already available bibshorts, tights, and new gilets.

“To us, “core” doesn’t mean fewer features, it means all the features. So all our Bodyline One bibshorts are now core products – with the price frozen. And we have introduced a brand new range of core cycling jerseys and gilets. These are a very simple, clean and understated set of colourways with all the regular features that you have come to know and love in our existing Bodyline range.” Tim Bland, founder of stolen goat

The new Core jerseys are 60,00 GPB (around 70,00 EUR) each.


Limited Edition, to stand out

If you want something extra to stand out from the rest, then have a look at the new Limited Edition range. This exclusive jersey range is limited – hence the name – to only 100 to 400 pieces, depending on the design. From a new take on the classic striped jerseys in different colours to more daring concepts with thunderbolts and hundreds of small pills (yes, pills!), stolen goat took a big step forward in terms of design and we already have our favourites.

The Limited Edition jerseys are 70.00 GPB (82.00 EUR) or 75.00 GPB (88.00 EUR) each.


Have a look at the new ranges at stolen goat.

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