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Up, up, up!

viavelo06_coveren_400In issue 6 we climb some impressive mountains. Starting in the famous Alps, Chris van Akeleyen and Alexander Giesswein ride their own version of the TransAlp, offroad on gravel bikes. Expect some stunning photography (including the cover photo)!

Willem Megens is back with a photo series about his trip along the West coast of Ireland.

In our third feature Romain Rosant, Guillaume Bedard and Francois Carrier Deziel hop on their fatbikes to ride along the Idaho Hot Spring Trail. Bathing in hot springs, cooking over a campfires, a true bikepacking adventure.

Meanwhile Jelle de Bock takes on an adventure of his own in the Haute-Alps, France. He rides, eats and even sleeps near the mountain tops.

Jeroen Dijkstra is back with a column and we have gattered some amazing cycling shots from around the world in our gallery The Places We Ride.

That sums up 92 pages of inspiring cycling stories. See for yourself.



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