Brighter days

Brighter days

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Although I love the different seasons, winter has always been a ordeal. In the beginning I love the winter: suffering in the pouring rain and getting tortured by the wind because there are no leafs to shelter. It always makes me feel like a flandrien. But that’s just for a week or two and then I’m already praying for brighter days again.

The weather isn’t even the worst part of winter. The worst part is the fact that I’m always getting sick. And like everyone else, I hate getting sick. But until the start of the meteorological spring I only had a mild head cold this year, not something worth mentioning. Somehow I managed to survive this winter without getting sick. At least, that’s what I thought.

Although the meteorological spring started, spring wasn’t anywhere near on Mother Nature’s schedule. Apart from a couple of warmer days, it still cold and windy. Combine that with rain, and I mean a lot of rain, and it feels like winter part two. And guess who got sick during this second half of winter… It felt like I won the sprint in a crit race, but miscounted the laps by one. At least that’s what I think it would feels like. I never did that obviously 😉

So Mother Nature, now that I’ve had my winter illness, can we finally have some brighter days?

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