Q: What is it?
A: ViaVelo Magazine is all about cycling adventures. Not your tuesday evening club ride, but that time you went further, did something extraordinary, rode your lungs out on that big ass mountain pass you always dreamed of, got lost, rode with friends in an unknown place, picked a place on a map and took out your bike, and got lost again.

Q: Can I contribute?
A: Yes. Drop us an email info@viavelo.cc

Q: What do you pay?
A: ViaVelo isn’t about money. We share stories, photos, routes, events and more with other enthusiastic cyclists, amateur or professional, we don’t care.

Q: I took some amazing photos, but I am not a writer. Can I still contribute?
A: Don’t worry. Just tell the story in your own words.

Q: I rode an adventure on a road/mountain/gravel/cyclocross/pink dotted purple bike. Is that OK?
A: Sure, why wouldn’t it be? We like all bikes.