Osprey Raptor 14
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Day long riding companion After the large Escapist 25 and the small Siskin 8 we have come to the last biking backpack in our series of three: the midsize Osprey Raptor 14. This midsize pack is not big enough for … Read More

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‘Can it really be that simple?’ is the first thing that comes to mind after seeing the carryyygum. This universal solution for bike transportation consists of three loops attatched to a velcro strap with an elastic band pulled through. That’s … Read More

Osprey Siskin 8
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Plus size hydration pack When I took the Siskin 8 out of its packaging I wondered if it’s a hydration pack or a backpack. It’s larger than the narrow hydration packs I know. But at the same time it’s a … Read More

Taunus Bikepacking 2018
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It’s 4 am. I can’t sleep any more. It’s probably the excitement for this 650 kilometre ride, the very first edition of Taunus Bikepacking in Germany. Although it isn’t officially a race, being a ‘dot’ on the tracker page amongst … Read More

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Saturday the fifth of May. While have the country was celebrating Liberation day at one of the many events in our country, I was planning a route in the Ardennes for the next day. Because that’s what freedom is to … Read More

Ice cold gold
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Last Sunday it was time for annual ViaVelo midwinter gravel ride. Those of you who have been following ViaVelo for a while might remember the story about last year’s midwinter gravel ride around my hometown. Well this time I led … Read More

Pavé of Drenthe
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Not that many seem to be willing to challenge the elements these days. Smooth roads are preferred, while hard work doesn’t seem to be appreciated anymore. But what’s the fun in that? Personally I like to think that it’s the … Read More

Review Mio Cyclo 605 HC
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A while ago we had a close look at the Mio Cyclo 505. It’s highlights – at least to us – were the ease of use and at the same time abundance of functions it had to offer. The Surprise … Read More

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