Is light right? The CarbonWorks bottle cage
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“The screen of my iPhone lights up: “Stephan has sent you an image”. Not much later another WhatsApp notification pops up: “This is definitely the lightest bike related package I ever received”. Curious as I am I unlock my phone … Read More

Dirty One Thirty Drenthe
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‘Destination reached’ said the Flemish voice of my TomTom. After a hour and a half drive I parked my car at a parking lot near Station Beilen, the starting point of today’s Dirty One Thirty Drenthe. It had been years … Read More

Sauerland, the unknown
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My buddy Alex is leading the way on a ride in Sauerland, Germany. I’m having a hard time keeping his wheel as the road slowly begins to climb again. For a moment I wonder: “What the #*&@ am I doing … Read More

Adventure in the Ardennes
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There we are, two sweat smelly grown men in a sixteen year old Toyota Yaris with no AC, doing a 145km/h at the German Autobahn as an attempt to get home a little earlier. In the back are two gravelbikes … Read More

Review B’TWIN 300 Handlebar bag (100)
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There was a time where handlebar bags weren’t cool. But like Bob Dylan says: the times are a-changing. With the increased popularity of long-distance cycling (and with that bikepacking), the handlebar bag isn’t just something for old folks anymore. On … Read More

Brighter days
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Although I love the different seasons, winter has always been a ordeal. In the beginning I love the winter: suffering in the pouring rain and getting tortured by the wind because there are no leafs to shelter. It always makes … Read More

Review Altum Designs Modual Tool System
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Derived from the wellknown crowdfunding website, the Modual Tool received plenty of backing in a month’s time. Now, it’s readily available via where the Modual Tool System (MTS) and the Modual Tool Roll (MTR) are sold separately or … Read More

Ready to bliss
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When I started cycling, I couldn’t understand why people paid up to 50 euro’s per tyre. I always bought cheap rigid tyres until a friend let me try a pair of Challenge Criterium folding tyres on my road bike. A … Read More

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