Ready to bliss
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When I started cycling, I couldn’t understand why people paid up to 50 euro’s per tyre. I always bought cheap rigid tyres until a friend let me try a pair of Challenge Criterium folding tyres on my road bike. A … Read More

The Flandrien feeling
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When I looked at the weather forecast for the next day, I saw the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute predicted heavy rainfall. When I read the warning for strong wind, I knew I was going to ride the next day. The … Read More

Dream bike
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You all might know that famous quote by Lao-Tzu: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Well it not only applies to journey’s, something similar goes for building bikes. For those of you who have no … Read More

#NewKitYear at stolen goat
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Our friends at stolen goat updated their cycling clothing line for 2017. All garments now file under the Core range or the Limited Edition range.

Gravel grinding
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Gravel grinding is becoming more and more popular these days. The big cycling brands also noticed that and they’re all trying to get a piece of the pie. They’ve come up with different kind of bikes, but all called gravel … Read More

Mid Winter Gravel
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It was December 2016 when I invited members of to join me on a mid winter gravel ride around my hometown in January.

Memory lane #3: Zwolle
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After days of snow there finally was a dry day. I was supposed to be studying that day, because my exams were coming up. But how could I? The first crit races weren’t far away, and due to the weather … Read More

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Botrange + alleycat = Botreycat! The third and this year’s last bike adventure race by It is something like an alleycat race starting at the highest point in Belgium, Signal de Botrange (694m) in Waimes.

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