Pavé of Drenthe
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Not that many seem to be willing to challenge the elements these days. Smooth roads are preferred, while hard work doesn’t seem to be appreciated anymore. But what’s the fun in that? Personally I like to think that it’s the … Read More

Review Mio Cyclo 605 HC
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A while ago we had a close look at the Mio Cyclo 505. It’s highlights – at least to us – were the ease of use and at the same time abundance of functions it had to offer. The Surprise … Read More

Is light right? The CarbonWorks bottle cage
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“The screen of my iPhone lights up: “Stephan has sent you an image”. Not much later another WhatsApp notification pops up: “This is definitely the lightest bike related package I’ve ever received”. Curious as I am I unlock my phone … Read More

Dirty One Thirty Drenthe
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‘Destination reached’ said the Flemish voice of my TomTom. After a hour and a half drive I parked my car at a parking lot near Station Beilen, the starting point of today’s Dirty One Thirty Drenthe. It had been years … Read More

Sauerland, the unknown
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My buddy Alex is leading the way on a ride in Sauerland, Germany. I’m having a hard time keeping his wheel as the road slowly begins to climb again. For a moment I wonder: “What the #*&@ am I doing … Read More

Adventure in the Ardennes
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There we are, two sweat smelly grown men in a sixteen year old Toyota Yaris with no AC, doing a 145km/h at the German Autobahn as an attempt to get home a little earlier. In the back are two gravelbikes … Read More

Review B’TWIN 300 Handlebar bag (100)
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There was a time where handlebar bags weren’t cool. But like Bob Dylan says: the times are a-changing. With the increased popularity of long-distance cycling (and with that bikepacking), the handlebar bag isn’t just something for old folks anymore. On … Read More

Brighter days
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Although I love the different seasons, winter has always been a ordeal. In the beginning I love the winter: suffering in the pouring rain and getting tortured by the wind because there are no leafs to shelter. It always makes … Read More

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